Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finally a Backpack

So I am very behind schedule as far as our summer outings are going. I would much rather be outside enjoying the warmth and sun before it is gone all too soon then on the computer. But here are some pics from one of the highlights of my summer this year. Jeff, that great hubby of mind, in anticipation of hunting season coming soon, offered to watch the kids while I took Brandon and Matt backpacking down my Denali. We hiked up Carlo mountain and spent one of the windiest and rainiest nights I have had in a long time. The whole night I just kept praying that it would let up by the morning so that we would be able to stay up there and hike around. My prayers were answered by a very loving and understanding Father in Heaven because at 7 am it was beautiful and we were able to spend the entire day hiking around on the mountain. It was a great trip and I hiked Brandon and Matt to death but they were good sports and endured my many, "just one more ridge." One thing did happen though on this trip that has never happened to me before backpacking and that was that we ate all of the food up completely that I had brought. I've never had that happen. I guess that's what backpacking with two 18 year olds will do who have no concept of eating sparingly. It wouldn't have been a big deal except Brando has diabetes and with no food to eat on the way out he got very low, too low, and the last hour was very miserable as he could barely see or walk. It was my fault for not bringing an emergency stash for him. Thankfully we barely made it and I wouldn't be surprised if he never wants to go backpacking with me again.

Our view

The crazy boys

Bro and Sis, before the hike out

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