Monday, March 15, 2010

Hayden Crawling

Ice Park Fun

Here are some pictures from the icepark this year. It doesn't seem to be as big as last year but the girls still had fun and love the slides.

The big slides the kids can down either on sleds or their bottoms

This is one of the neatest sculptures this year. It's amazing what they can do and the detail they can carve.

This is one of our favorites, the bear is using a beaver to cut down the tree to get the fish from the fisherman.

Happy boys standing up in their cribs. Canyon left, Hayden right

Hayden is crawling everywhere now and has been for a couple of weeks and Canyon is just starting to show some interest.

PJ Kiddos

Here's the whole clan one morning in their PJ's.
Ali and our smiley Canyon

Saige and our bright blued eyed Hayden


A few weeks ago we went down to Denali for their annual winterfest. We has a great time despite some cold winds. The girls went for a ski with their friends Amelia and Reed, and the rest of us tagged along.
The three girls catching a free ride from Jeff.

Frosty Ali at the end of the ski. We finally found the ticket for Ali and her cold toes. They now have toe warmers and we tired them on her and they made a world of difference. Before she would last about 30 minutes and be crying because her feet were so cold. On this outing we were out for about an hour and when we got back to the car she said her feet were still hot and now she likes skiing!!! One battle won.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Girls having Fun

A couple of weeks ago my wonderful hubby watched the kiddos for a night so I could drive down to Denali and meet two of my friends to ski into a cabin in the park. It was a quick but wonderful trip with as much skiing as we could fit into a day and a half, a night with no babies, and cheesecake and chocolate.
Krisy making dinner and Martha washing dishes. Below Martha and Kristy pulling their pulk sleds while we break trail to the Windy Cabin.

Walking across the ice and in front of Windy Cabin.

Scrub a Dub Dub

Scrub a dub dub boys in the tub!

Cayon left, Hayden right

Hayden has the hair, Canyon none. The boys love the bath and make quite a mess with all the splashing.

First sledding adventure

Here are some pictures of the boys first sledding experience. It was a beautiful day so we got everyone bundled up and went on a few runs down our road. The boys handled it OK, no wipe outs and only a few cries, so all in all a good run.
Hayden in red hat and Canyon in blue

Just some cute pics of the girls

Saiger loves to dress up and it's fun to see the concoctions she comes up with. It's not a normal day when she hasn't wore atleast four different outfits. What a girl she keeps us laughing. The other day she came upstairs upset because Ali was teasing her. She said, "mom, Ali keeps calling me cookoo and cookoo means you're out of your mind, and I'm NOT out of my mind!"

Some of our life

Canyon getting a ride on dad's shoulders

The girls watching the mushers at the start of the Yukon Quest

A gorgeous sunrise above from our house and a beautiful sunset below when I was picking up Ali from the bus