Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer of Family Fun

Here are some pictures of when my family came up to visit this July. My Dad and brother TJ flew up and my other brother Nate, drove up with his wife Angel and their three kids. We had a great time and crammed just about all you can into the ten days they were here. We love having family come up to visit and just wish all the fam could have all come. Here's the adventure! We went and payed Santa Clause a visit

We played in the water at Chena Lakes on a beautiful 92 degree day

We went for a bus ride and hike in Denali one of the days

Uncle TJ with all the kiddos, Michael, Ali, Elsie, Saige and Dalton

I love this picture because it looks like Nate is the Father Duck with all his little ducklings following behind

It was funny to see the look on people's face when we got off the bus with this crew to go hiking. They would have really been shocked if Jeff and the boys had been there, but of course, Hayden decided to have one of his breathing spells the night before so Jeff had to stay behind with them.

We played in the mud with cousins, Elsie, Michael, Dalton, Ali and Saige We camped for five nights in various parts of the state, this is in Homer on the spit.

A cute one of our goof ball Canyon

Some got the privilege of attempting the scary task of feeding the boys! Poor Brandon with Hayden.
We did a beautiful hike by the Portage Glacier, Kenai

We had a fun time on our halibut charter, we had the whole boat to our selves. The wind was ripping and the waves were horrible but we managed to catch all our fish and without any puking!

After three days of relentless effort trying to catch some salmon my Dad pulled in these two whoppers on his last day.
We ended the trip with a fun hike down by Girdwood that included a beautiful waterfall and fun hand tram. What a great time and we miss you all terribly!

In August my mom, grandma, grandpa, and uncle came up to spend a week with us and watch the kids while Jeff and I were suppose to go hunting together. We got to hunt for one day before I had to come back and spend the next three in the hospital with Hayden. But anyway, I love this picture because it is a four generation picture if you count myself, who is taking the pic, Great Grandma, Grandma, Mother (photographer), and Daughters and ALL in Alaska!

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