Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Handsome Little Devils

Here are some pictures of our sweet little boys. Hayden is in the white, on the left, and Canyon is in the blue, on the right. They are about two and a half weeks in these pictures. It's crazy to think that on the 4th they will be a month old already. We are loving having them in our family and feel so blessed that they are healthy and doing well.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Girls and Boys

Here's some cute pics of the girls with the boys.

Saiger with Hayden

More twin pictures

Sorry I didn't realize this one was upside down but it will have to do. Canyon is on top and Hayden is on the bottom.
The happy family. Ali has Canyon, Saige Hayden

The proud daddy and the excited sister!

The twins have arrived!!!

Here is a picture of Canyon fresh out of the cooker weighing in at 5 lbs 9 oz. He was born second to Hayden. Poor Canyon, not to mention mom, was stuck up under my ribs so when he came out he had a very squished head and little face. You can kindof see it in this picture. The docs said it would take a few weeks for his head to go back to normal.
Here is Hayden, the oldest, born a minute before his brother and weighing a whopping 6 lbs 3 oz. With almost 12 pounds of baby plus all the other stuff you can see how anxious I was for them to come. The doctors call it their instant weight loss program because in about 15 minutes I lost about 25 just like that.
Both boys were born healthy and didn't have to spend any time in the NICU. We are so thankful and happy they are finally here and have come to be part of our family. We all came home on Monday and are now adjusting to our new lives together.

Ali with Canyon. It's funny because the girls have already claimed which baby is their's. Ali says Canyon is her's and Hayden is Saiges'. We have to remind them that they are everyone's and are not toys. They are great big sisters tho and love to hold them and help out. Below is Saige holding Hayden. These pictures are of the first time they got to meet their little brothers.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 36

Here I am at 36 weeks and not very happy that they haven't come yet. We are HOPING this week!!!
You can't tell me that that is not a big belly!!!

Spring is finally here

We are so happy Spring is finally here. It's been here for about two weeks and we are loving, well almost loving, the warmer weather. We have been in the 70's with some cooler days inbetween. I personally love the cooler days, the warmer days cause me to swell up like a pumpkin. Speaking of pumpkins here are some of the plants we have been growing inside our house for the past two months. Our squash plants already have lots of blossoms and everything needs to get in the garden soon. We worked on the garden this weekend and almost have it ready. We have to finish building a fence around it to keep the moose out. We'll hopefully do that today and then get our desperate plants in the ground tonight for family home evening. I feel sorry for Jeff because I'm not much help these days. I try to help for a few minutes but then have to sit down. I would glady trade him the belly tho for the freedom to move and work again. Here's Jeff and the girls working in the garden. We, ok Jeff, had do dig up a bunch of sod and bushes to put the garden in. Then we, I did go get the soil and help shovel it, brought in a load of top soil and some manure from a friend. We have half of it fenced in but have to buy some more wire to finish it. Hopefully the moose will stay out and things will grow. We'll let you know how our first AK garden goes.

Jeff, Tana, and the girls on a bike ride. I ride along too, just in the truck. Jeff has to walk because Saige still needs a little help. She's not quite the go getter as Ali but she is getting better.