Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Special Moment

So here's what happened this morning(with in about 10 minutes)-On the computer trying to pay a few bills while boys playing in their rooms. The usual desctruction taking place until I here "poop, poop!" Come running in to find bed tipped over, matress, blankets off, books thrown out of box, dirty clothes basket emptied along with all the clean clothes out of the dresser, and both boys with pants and diapers off and poop everywhere(beds, walls, clothes, books, floor, boys)! Clean poop off boys and send them out and while trying to clean their room they go into ours and dump all the clothes out of the dirty basket and throw them down the stairs and then throw basket of clean socks down the stairs. Proceed to the living room to take cushions off of couch, pull blanket off, and throw dirty clothes that made it down both stairs all over the living room. Trying to decide which disaster do I clean or just sit down and cry! And I can't send them outside because it's 35 below zero!!! Love my life, never a dull moment!!!