Sunday, June 12, 2011

May Moments

Here are a few of the fun moments we had in the month of May by the May's! One of the highlights was getting the HUGE Spruce tree in our front yard cut down to allow more light in. It was very impressive watching them climb up it and cut it in sections on the way down.

The BEST highlight of May was that my brother, Nathan came and visited for almost two wonderful, glorious weeks. It was so fun to have him here to play with the kids and help with all the projects I have been trying to get down. I kept him very busy building a sandbox, putting up my green house, building a toy box for the girls room, going on runs and playing with boys. I did allow him to have a little fun and at the end of the two weeks we ALL cried when he had to leave. When I returned home from taking him to the airport Ali's first words were, "dang, now all of our free days are gone!" My thoughts exactly! We love you Uncle Nate Nate and can't wait for you to get back here and play!

Swimming at Chena Hot Springs when Nate was here:

Jeff with Canyon and Hayden

Little swimmer girl Saige

Big swimmer girl Ali

Little Daredevil Hayden

Little stinker Canyon with Uncle Nate

While Nate was here Saige also had a play at school that he was able to come and watch. It was rumpus in the rainforest and Saiger was a monkey.

A whole family of monkeys

We also went with Nate down to Denali for the weekend and went into the park to Tek, before the road closed, and had a picnic and went for a hike. The weather was beautiful and the mountain was spectacular!

Ali and Canyon

Nater with the boys

Our friend Jessie and her two kids, and the girl's friends Amelia and Reed also came along with us for the ride and hike

Doesn't get much cuter than Saiger

Another not so fun highlight of May was that there was the first wildfire of the summer in Fairbanks about a mile from our house. It was just over the hill that our house was at the base of. THANKFULLY the wind was blowing in the right direction away from all the houses, and the firefighters and planes were amazing, and they were able to steer it away from any structures or homes. It was exciting for the night though.

Our house sits at the base of that hill that the fire is behind.

Canyon helping Dad build the planter box for my greenhouse and staying extra safe by wearing his bike helmet.

I had to teach a lesson in Young Women's one week on temples and was trying to think of a treat I could bring that would somewhat go along. So I ended up making a temple out of rice crispy treats. The girls thought it was great.

Sporting the first sun hats of the summer, YEAH!!!! Canyon left, Hayden right