Friday, December 12, 2008

Dancing Queens

Ali and Saige love to dance and we wonder where they come up with their moves (I think their dad). Siager especially, she is our little dirty dancer (dad again). We are going to have to keep a very close eye on that one!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sledding and News

Sledding down our driveway. I have to stand at the bottom to watch for cars coming. This was before it got really cold, 33 below zero yesterday, yikes!!! We also have an official closing date on our house for Jan 26th. We are very excited to move into our first house, next time we are out there I will try and remember to take some pics. It is hopefully big enough for EVERYONE to come and visit!!! In addition to the house for anyone that has not heard we are expecting our third bambino in June. I'm not to the congratulations stage yet because of my forced love affair with the toilet but hopefully it will all be over soon and I can share the excitement of the girls. Saiger the other day was sitting by me and heard my stomach growl and turned to me all excited and asked if that was the baby. I told her not yet! We are also very anxious to get to Idaho and Montana, two more weeks, to spend the holidays with our family. The girls and I will be there almost a month and Jeff will come down for two weeks, it will be wonderful. When I was trying to explain to Saige about when we got to go to grandma's house I told her when it snowed and got cold (still thinking of MT winters I guess). Big mistake since it snowed the end of Sept. She has been asking me every week since if it's time to go yet. I can offically tell her it is very close now. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, mine was good for the few minutes it stayed down, but we have HIGH hopes for Christmas and will hopefully get to see many of you!

Saiger and Swearing

We finally were able to catch Saiger on camera. She is more shy then Ali who will perform infront of anyone. Saiger performs just as well as you can see but prefers to do it in private with no one, or only mom and dad, watching. Also below are pictures of the glorious day when Jeff was offically sworn in as an attorney and had to take the law practice oath. The judge he is clerking for was able to perform the swearing in so that was neat to have someone we know do it. He can now offically practice law and I am offically over with everything that law school has to offer!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Here's a video of Ali singing a song she is making up. She's quite the little singer!

Here are some pics from our first ski trip of the year. We went skiing out Stampede Road in Healy, AK and were so impressed with Ali. It was a beautiful day and she skiied about four and a half miles. Since then we have gone skiing every weekend and Ali is getting very good. I sometimes even have a hard time keeping up with her. Saige has started skiing as well and is doing good but it's hard for us because she hardly moves and so why she skiis the rest of us freeze. We try and let her ski as long as we can stand it and then she has to go into the stroller/sled where our dog Tana trys to ride too.
We also had a good, but cold Halloween. Ali and Saige were Pocahontas and chickens this year. They had to be chickens for trick or treating because those outfits were much warmer then Pocahontas. We are also in the process of buying our first house. Hopefully by Feb. we will proud home owners, broke but proud.

Here we go

This is my firt blog and I am still trying to figure it out.