Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 2011 - Part 1

Here are a ton of pictures of our trip in the White Mountains for spring break this year. We took ALL the kids for three nights and four days on a ski and snow machine trip in the White Mountains,outside of Fairbanks. We had a great time and it felt so good to finally get out and be outside after a long and sickly February cooped up. We bought a snow machine two days before our trip and used it to it's fullest. It was also the only way we were ever going to realistically do this trip. If it helps us get outside then it's a necessity for me! We started out with the first cabin seven miles in, Lee's Cabin. Jeff took the first load of gear while I started skiing with ALL the kids, girls skiing, boys in chariot. It took Jeff two loads, latter crammed into one, and the girls and I skied for two and a half hours. They were such champs because the wind was howling that first day and made it cold if you ever tried to stop. The boys did good for the most part and didn't start crying until the last half hour. At that point Jeff showed up and took the girls to the cabin and then came back and got the boys and I and we hooked the chariot to the snow machine. Once inside the cabins and warm every one's spirits improved and we had fun playing, eating, and hanging out. Getting ready to leave Lee's cabin after the first night and head to the next cabin, seven miles away, where we were spending the next two nights.
Kids hanging out in the loft which it only took about five minutes to ban from the boys. Not only was it completely nerve racking thinking they were going to fall but they also thought it was lots of fun to throw all our gear being stored up there over the edge.

As a result they were banned to the main level, which again only took us about five minutes to realize we then had to clear everything off the table and shelves in reach of the boys. They did great but there was very rarely any down time with these two awake!

Jeff managed the second day to get all our gear into one load so he only had to make one trip.

The second day skiing to the next cabin was beautiful with no wind and the girls and I had a great ski. Again champs, and they skied about three and half miles that day and about three miles on the first.
I swear, it doesn't matter how we travel we ALWAYS look like the Clampits!!!

I think there might be room for one more! Hauling the kids after our ski to the second cabin.

This cabin we stayed at for two nights and it was beautiful. It was at the top of this hill so you could look out and see all the mountains for miles. The kids enjoyed having more time to hang out and play in the snow.

The trail up to the cabin make for a great sledding, snowboarding hill.

Hayden was a hoot, he loved being outside and had to walk every where. He never wanted to ride in the sled because he always wanted to walk and explore. He wasn't afraid of anything and would go anywhere. Canyon, on the other hand, we were lucky if we could get him to take two steps. He loved to be outside but wanted to be held or carried.

The three cutest, funniest, most wonderful boys a girl could ever ask for!

The two most beautiful, wonderful daughters a mom could ask for!

The view of the mountains and alpenglow from our cabin the second and third nights.

On our third day we went for a family ski since there was no hauling of gear that needed to be done. Jeff told the girls that we could build a fire, but since the snow was waist deep as soon as you stepped off the trail we had to build it right next to it. Again, Hayden in the purple wanting to walk everywhere and Canyon happy sitting in Jeff's lap. The girls drinking hot chocolate, we never went anywhere without it!

Canyon loved the snow machine and on that third day Jeff took the girls and went for a ride and then came back and took the boys and I. I was driving and at one point was trying to miss some ice and my front ski went off the trail and immediately sunk. I was going slow at the time and we tipped over. Jeff was able to hold Hayden out of the snow but Canyon was riding in front of me and when we tipped his face went right in the snow. He was such a good sport though and when I lifted him up he could care less that he had snow all over his face. Instead, as soon as he saw that the snow machine was tipped over he kept pointing and saying up oh. Way to go Mom!

Boys on a sled ride. Hayden in front, Canyon in back

The boys did great in the cabin and never got near the fire. They were so cute though and when we would come inside after being outside they would get as close as they dared and bend over with their hands out to get them warm. I tried to get the picture when they were both doing it but only managed to get Canyon.

A family picture before our final departure on our last day. I was happy because when we were getting ready to leave I asked the girls if they had a choice would they rather be going home right now or to another cabin, and they both said to another cabin. We all had a great time and are looking forward to next year when we can do it again, and possibly for longer and see some more cabins.

Good bye While Mountains and Eleazar's cabin until next year!

Boy Oh Boys

Here is a pirate cake I made for my friend's little boy Reid, for his birthday. It was fun to FINALLY make a boy cake and to get practiced up. These two little munch mouths below will be 2 in June!
Our sweet little Hayden, trouble minimal, who is always smiling and always keeping us in the hospital. In again this past weekend with RSV and his asthma, doing fine now tho!

Then there's Canyon. Our forever trouble maker, goof ball, comedian, sweetness minimal, and the funniest little boy with more personality then you will ever meet!

My two little munch mouths always want to eat when you don't want to feed them and then never want to eat when you do. One thing is for sure though, they love their fruits! The other odd thing is that despite them eating ALL the time they are still sooooo little. Hayden only weighs 19 pounds and Canyon 21. All the other kids their age, including the girls, tower over them and look twice as big. Hopefully it's just a twin thing and they'll get their growth spurt. They sure don't let their size get in the way though, they have no problem taking out, takeling, or fighting any one bigger then they are, including their sisters. It's a crack up to watch, most of the time!

Ice Park 2011

Here are some pictures from our trip to the icepark this year. We went with our friends Jess and Jim from Denali and their daughter Kate and a good friend, Shelia, who was visiting from Boston. A cold, good time was had by all!

Jeff going down the slide with the boys

Butterfly Ali
Saige on the fish slide

Canyon, not sure if he really wants to move!

Hayden, on the other hand, wanted to go down every slide over and over again!