Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just some cute ones

Hayden on the left, Canyon on the right. They are getting close to walking but not much yet. They take a few steps but that's it. At first we were just fine having them take their time but now they are almost 14 months and still not walking. All the other babies from church that are younger then they are are walking so now we feel the pressure. Come on boys you can do it!
Ali in front of our Irises that were beautiful this summer

Another cute one of our boys and one of the last pictures I have of Hayden with all his beautiful hair before Jeff, with the aid of my Dad when he was here visiting, decided to cut it while I was out for a run and couldn't stop him. He thought he looked to much like a pretty boy but I loved his curls.

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angela said...

Oh I would be SO mad! To cut it without even preparing you or letting you be there! That was very traumatic for me when we did that to Ammon, his were just like Haydens and they didn't come back. Sniff.