Thursday, August 27, 2009

A day in the life with twins

Jeff's parents came for a visit a few weeks ago. It was great to have them and they got to have a taste of what it is like to have twins. Diane was a great help and was getting the whole two thing down pretty good. They will be missed and I know the boys will miss their nice long baths every day from Grandma.
Look at that form!

Here is a rare photo captured in the May family, Grandpa May holding a baby, and not just one baby but TWO! Way to go Grandpa!

Gerber Babies

Here are some cute pictures of our Gerber Babies. Hayden is below in his dog coat and in the other pictures Canyon is on the left and Hayden on the right.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alaska wood carvings

In Soldatna, close to where we go dipnetting, there is this awesome wood carving place where they have carved all these neat things for people to come and take their picture with. The girls favorite is they have done an Alaska carousel with the animals carved out of wood. It's pretty incredible the talent some people have.

A Fun Place

Fisher Girl

Here is Ali all geared up in her dip netting attire. It was really cute she was standing out in the water behind Jeff and of course could not get out there far enough to really catch a fish. Well a guy standing next to Jeff caught a small pink in his net and instead of throwing it back in when Ali wasn't looking threw the fish into her net. When she started feeling her net move you should have seen her eyes. Most of the people out in the water fishing didn't see the guy throw the fish in her net and they all started cheering for her because they thought she had really caught the fish. She was so proud! That was the only fish she caught tho because the fishing was really slow and she didn't have the patience to stand out there very long. We fished for three days and came home with about 30 red salmon. We were hoping for a little more but are very thankful for the fish we caught. I realized I didn't get a picture of any of the reds we caught. I guess my arms were always full of babies. All geared up!
Dad showing me what to do!

The grand prize!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dip Netting Fun

Sorry these post have to pretty short these days, not much detail, but I don't have much time for computers these day. In fact as I am trying to do this I am rocking one baby in the carseat with my foot while bouncing the other baby on my leg and putting in pacifiers every ten seconds. And if I am not doing that I am usually feeding one baby and trying to type one handed. So this will have to do and if you get only pictures with no words then hopefully you'll understand, but hey a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Here's what it lookes like dip netting. People stand along both sides of the inlet with their nets and wait for the fish to swin by. This was nothing by Friday afternoon their were so many people that you were standing shoulder to shoulder and could barely get a net in.

Isn't this a great picture of everyone sacked out in the tent. Pay close attention as to where Saiger's feet are. She is such a crazy sleeper and thankfully the boys did great sleeping in their first tent.

Ali and Saige were getting pretty bored after three straight days on the beach so they resorted to collecting seagull feathers and building fences for their animals. Pretty clever I think.

Thankfully on the last day we were there a youth Christian organization put on a kids camp with crafts and games and a bounce house for kids to do and play while their parents fished.

The girls showing off their face painting.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Day In Our Life

A cute picture of Hayden. He has been starting to smile and goo a whole bunch lately.

Just a great picture of Saiger with her brothers!

Jeff was weeding one of the flower beds and the girls decided it would be fun to throw all the weeds on the tramp and jump in them. We were cleaning weeds out of their hair for a week.

Ali reading her bird identification book to her brothers. Teaching them all about birds, that's my girl!

My boys! At two months old, Canyon is on the left and Hayden on the right.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fireweed Beauties

Summer Blossoms

Here are some pictures of some of the flowers we grew this Spring and Summer. Everything we grew and planted this year we started as seeds in the house this Spring. By the end of May our living room looked like a little jungle and when we finally moved all the plants outside our windows looked so bare. But this flower is a Dahlia and has a beautiful blossom but it doesn't stick around very long. We are still so knew at all this and are still trying to learn what grows good and doesn't grow good in Alaska. This is our garden a few weeks ago, it's a lot bigger now. We have to put a fence up to keep the moose out. Thankfully no visitations yet! We harvested our first broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, and zucchini this week. Hooray for fresh veggies!
This is the most amazing thing in our garden. This March at mush for kids the girls were given a sunflower seed in a paper cup. They bought them home and started watering them. One of them did nothing but the other started to grow and just kept growing. The fence is about six feet high and as of today the flower is about two feet higher then that board and the actual sunflower is starting to grow. It's so amazaing to me that something this big can start from a little seed. It will be fun to see if we actually get some sunflower seeds from it.

Some of the flowers, tomatos, and herbs we have growing on our deck

The stars alined

A few weeks ago we took the whole fam and went on a beautiful hike in the white mountains. It was our first real hike with the boys and even tho we only went about three miles it was wonderful to get out. I have been worried about how Saige would do hiking this summer because last summer she always wanted to be carried. So ever since we found out I was pregnant we have been drilling it into her that once the babies come it's Saige out and the babies in. Still I wasn't sure how she would do because she is not our real go getter like Ali is. Thankfully she has surprised us completely. She has done wonderful on our hikes and doesn't complain at all. Infact most of the time she is out in front and sometimes does better than Ali. We are both so relieved and happy she has turned into a good little hiker. She can not be called a May! But anyway on this hike it was such a great day and Jeff says it was a day when the stars all alined just perfectly for us because the girls did great hiking, the boys were great, and even the dog minded!

Canyon above and Hayden below sporting their too big sun hats. It's hard to find sun hats for such little heads.

Saiger hiking on the boardwalk with her little camelback! She's so dang cute!