Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Fun 2011/2012

So here is my pathetic attempt at remembering my long lost blog and trying to catch up on a whole winter's activities. Here it goes, lots of pics but short on words, remember a picture is worth a thousand words!

We'll start with Christmas- We had a wonderful Christmas with fam and beautiful sunny weather. Our three and a half weeks away were spent with ...
Lots of horse back riding...

Iceskating and hockey

Nativity Program
Shooting Guns

I love this picture, it is all of my wonderful brothers, except Brando who is still on his mission, and Jeff. Doesn't get much cooler than this!!!
Lots of swimming

Lots of Ducks
Birthday parties
Wolf hunting (no wolf)

Museum's with cousins
A typical snowfall in a night
One of our most fun outings this winter was over Spring Break. My two brothers, Nate and Jer, came up to spend the week and go on our annual White Mountains trip with us. We also spent two fun days playing at the ice park.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Special Moment

So here's what happened this morning(with in about 10 minutes)-On the computer trying to pay a few bills while boys playing in their rooms. The usual desctruction taking place until I here "poop, poop!" Come running in to find bed tipped over, matress, blankets off, books thrown out of box, dirty clothes basket emptied along with all the clean clothes out of the dresser, and both boys with pants and diapers off and poop everywhere(beds, walls, clothes, books, floor, boys)! Clean poop off boys and send them out and while trying to clean their room they go into ours and dump all the clothes out of the dirty basket and throw them down the stairs and then throw basket of clean socks down the stairs. Proceed to the living room to take cushions off of couch, pull blanket off, and throw dirty clothes that made it down both stairs all over the living room. Trying to decide which disaster do I clean or just sit down and cry! And I can't send them outside because it's 35 below zero!!! Love my life, never a dull moment!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer 2011 - Take Two

After our visit with Jeff's parents then my parents came the first of August. My mom arrived first and the kids had a blast spending time with Grandma- picking berries, reading stories, and going on a 4 wheeler ride. After a few days my dad and youngest brother, Cameron came and we went on a fun, but very wet and chilly camping trip to Tangle Lakes.

At Tangle Lakes our friends the Tomeo's braved the weather and joined us for some camping. We had a great time trying to stay dry, canoeing and kayaking on the lake, doing a little fishing, and for the glorious couple of hours the sun came out picked some very beautiful blueberries.

Kiddos, and Martha in the canoe

What a Beautiful sight!!!

Tangle Lakes

Jeff and Ali in the kayak

Should we really leave the camper ???

After our camping trip my mom had to head back home but my dad and brother stayed for another week to watch the kids so Jeff and I could go sheep hunting for four wonderful days. Can I just say I have the BEST Dad and brother in the world. They not only kept everyone alive and happy but took them to the park and the fair.

Canyon helping Grandpa fix the 4-wheeler

My dad, youngest brother, Cameron, and Ali - ready for a ride.

Ali and Grandpa

A VERY sad talent we are desperate to break!

Enjoying our favorite breakfast, toast and hot chocolate!