Saturday, July 31, 2010

Butte Lake

So I am trying to get caught up on all our adventures and happenings so far this summer but at the rate I am going it might take all winter, but here goes my best shot anyway. For Father's Day this year Jeff was dying to use his new four wheeler so we decided to go fishing at one of our traditional spots, Butte Lake. We went with our great friends Keith and Jessie Clark and there little girl Cecilia and Keith's brother Craigola. Keith and Jessie rode their 4 wheeler but there wasn't room for all of us on ours so of course, I hiked in with Hayden the four miles while Jeff took the girls and Canyon. The trail is super muddy and slow going so I hiked in almost as fast as they could ride, but the girls had a blast and thought all the mud holes were great. It was a long drive and hike for a few hours of fishing but atleast we caught a few lake trout and grayling and Jeff got to ride his 4 wheeler!!! The ride in
Saiger's fish

Ali's fish, thanks to a stranger who let her reel it in and thought we were absolutely crazy to bring 4 kids, and especially two babies all the way out there!

Hayden's fish

Mom's fish

The boys with their hoods on

and with their hoods off, Canyon left, Hayden right

A rare family shot beside the lake

the ride out