Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Little Bully

So this is a taste of what goes on at our house every day. Canyon the aggressor and bully, and Hayden the senstitive. This had been going on for about five minutes already before I finally got the camera. We're trying to teach Canyon to be nice and Hayden to be tough.

Saiger's Birthday

A little late but here are some pics from Saiger's birthday. We rented the same cabin we did for Ali's birthday out by Chena Hot Springs and our good friends Dana and Lance came up with their kids to celebrate with us. We had a great time with presents, foods, swimming, a crazy night, and friends. All the kids and Dana holding Canyon in the cabin

Saiger and her remote control car she got. When she opened it she saide, "a boy controller car." Sorry but they don't make very many pink cars these days.

Canyon helping Lance make the home made ice cream, it was delicious!

Saige got a flower birthday cake this year for her big 5!

On her real birthday she got a few more presents, this was her favorite. I found these great felt paper dolls online and then I made the felt board to put them on. The girls love playing with paper dolls but the clothes always have a hard time staying on or rip so these are great! I can't believe our Saiger is 5. She is such a fun, sweet, tender hearted little girl that we love very much.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Little Cruiser

Canyon loved to push this toy all over the house until Ali decided to sit on it and break it, thanks big sis! He was funny to watch because he had no control and only one speed. Hayden thought it was fun to play with but no desire to walk. They can both say mama and dada and can even distinguish between the two of us. One more month until their one, crazy, someone asked if we were going to have a big one year birthday party and I said we are going to have a "we survived the first year party"!!!