Sunday, March 29, 2009

Big Booda 2

So here are pics of the big booda at six months. I'm sure I am actually even bigger then these pictures make me look. I am down to pretty much no exersice or extra activities, only daily stuff. Even the daily stuff I am very soar by the end of the day. This is the hardest part for me is the not being able to move or exercise and to think I still have two more months and bigger, ugghh! I'm trying to stay positve tho and do what it takes to get these two boys here safely and healthy. I have an ultrasound on my birthday so I will put an update on how the two are doing then.

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angela said...

I am still just reeling with the thought. I can't believe you are having twins, and I am so so bummed not to be closer. I would so help you out! You are adorable! Are you even afraid your body will just pop open? I tried to call you awhile ago and may not have the right number...Happy Birthday!