Sunday, March 1, 2009

The downstairs

I'm getting bored myself with all these pictures so these will be short. These are the stairs going down and the pantry/bookshelf. I haven't decided what I want to use it for so for now it's both.
My second favorite room in the house. This is the girl's hideout/playroom under the stairs. It's so nice because we can keep most of their toys in here and they don't get sprend out all over the house, or atleast not as bad.

The storage area, another work in progress. We want to build a bunch of shelves to keep the storage on.

Laundry room, across from the storage. With four kids I have a feeling this is where most of my time is going to be spent, joy!

The family room/box storage while we unpack.

The spare/guest area where you will all hopefully get a chance to stay because I know you are all planning on visiting. There is a bathroom off to the right that you can see the door and the green door that you can see the corner of on the left leads to outside. So FINALLY that about wraps up the house. There is some pics of the outside, we have a great yard that will be a lot of fun this summer, and a shed, but you will just have to come and see those for yourself.

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