Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saiger's Birthday

Ali and I made Saiger's birthday cake, a M&M butterfly. She loved it! I can't believe my little girl is 4 now. She was so excited to have her birthday. We did family gifts in the morning and then had a little birthday party that afternoon. She felt like a princess all day!
Saige wanted sunglasses for her birthday so she could wear them in car like mom.

This was the best birthday present ever in Saiger's eyes. She has been wanting this barbie since before Christmas and I have been refusing to buy it for her, you know how I love barbies! Well it was on clearance at the store so I gave in and her look when she opened it was priceless.

Here she is with Ali getting ready to open her presents. She was so excited. I still can't believe she is 4! Below my wonderful friend Monique from Missoula, who lives in Virgina now, sent the girls these matching shirts. They put them on and wanted to be twins. They are growing up so fast and are such good friends. They are the joy of our life!

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angela said...

Great cake! I am impressed--Holy smokes, that is crazy that she is 4! I love the belly shots. If it comfort you any, my belly did get bigger than that in the end. Not much longer! (easy for me to say)