Friday, March 6, 2009

A Day of Skiing

Here are some pics from a ski outing we did a few weeks agao. This is the trail that is just below our house, it's awesome! We can go skiing right from our house and this trial connects to about 100 miles worth of trails. We go skiing every weekend and I can no longer keep up with Ali and Saiger can almost keep up with me. This is a picture of Ali and Tana getting the hang of skijoring. Ali likes to hang on to her leash so she can let go when Tana gets going too fast or does one of her veers off into the trees. They are both still learning. It's fun tho, and we will also hook Tana up to the girls sled and she will pull them all around. I hope some of you are enjoying some spring weather. The temps have been great here, in the teens and twenties, but we have also received a TON of snow. Last Saturday it snowed a foot and yesterday it snowed another 10 inches. I couldn't get out of our road and Jeff had to go pick Ali up from school because I was stuck. It took me an hour of shoveling to finally make it back into our driveway. The snow is great but I am anxious for the spring weather to arrive.

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