Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ice Park Fun

These are some of the amazing ice sculptures at the ice park this year. Fairbanks is where the world championships are held and they are so incredible. They also build a huge kids park every year with fun slides and mazes and toys carved out of ice for the kids to play on. We bought a season pass this year so we could go often and the girls have a blast. This is the last week because it is FINALLY warming up and the sculptures are starting to melt. Yesterday was our best day yet and we went here with some friends and it was 37 degrees. The girls didn't complain once about being cold and infact played for over 3 hours. We are soooo ready for Spring to come and are enjoying our long days again. Unfortunately I'm not very mobile these days and it's killing me to have all this beautiful weather and sunshine and all I feel like doing is taking a nap! I'm trying to endure and hopefully these babies won't stay in too long so we can all enjoy the sunshine.

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