Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week 34 of the Big Booda

So here are some pics of me from last Sunday at week 34, I am 35 weeks now so I am even bigger. You can not believe how much difference even one week makes. I will take of picture of me today and HOPEFULLY this will be the last picture you will see of me pregnant. We are trying to wait until Wednesday because Jeff has his big interview with the university that day, the 27th, and will be gone for most of the day. Of course that will be the day the babies come but we will try and hold off till then. But come Thursday I am letting lose and will do anything and try everything to get these babies out. Like I have much of a say in the matter but I can atleast try. I am so ready for these boys to come out and go from temporary shelter to dairy barn. It's sad when you are anxious for the babies to come so you can actually get some sleep. A good sleep is very difficult to come by these days. Plus I am sooooo tired of all the comments and looks I get from people. I just smile and if I feel like explaining I'll say there is two and yes I am due anytime, thanks for pointing that out. So I am praying this will be my last week pregnant but if you don't hear any goods news you know I am doomed to suffer longer. So until next week, cross your fingers for babies!!!
Jeff took this picture of me because he thought I looked liked a tent but I do really stick out that far and even further today. I say ignore me but look at our great plants growing in the window that we are desperately hoping we can plant and get the garden ready before the babinos come. You can also notice the huge swollen feet that have been a joy for the past month or so. Lets just say I get around great!


Chuck said...

Wow! You're doing a great job cooking those babies! It WILL happen soon. We'd love to help so give a call. My cell is 687-5013.

We're thinking of you!
Kare, Chuck, Riley and Viola

angela said...

Awesome! 10 years from now it will be a distant memory. I STILL can't believe you are having twins!!!!