Monday, May 11, 2009

A Beautiful Day in Denali

Last Saturday we took a quick trip down to Denali to drive into the park for the day. Jeff was very anxious to get down there one last time before we are really home bound when the babies come. I was a little hesitate because I can't do much these days, but I am so glad we did and the scenery and weather were beautiful. The Hooge's that live in Denali joined us and we had a wonderful day playing on the river, going for a walk, and having a picnic. Ali with Torin Hooge (they are only a day apart). The kids had so much fun stomping through the puddles and playing on the ice chunks.

Ali, Saige, and Lily Hooge on the Teklanika River in Denali. Below is everyone hanging out and playing. This is why we love Alaska and especially Denali. Just look at that scenery, it doesn't get much better than that!!! Sure we have to survive the winters but when you get moments like this it is all worth it.

Ali and the beautiful mountians of Denali. I love that my kids get to explore and experience the beauties of this wonderful place. I'd rather them play here then any playground any day.

Saige and Lily painting rocks along the river and hiking down a little bluff that everyone, except me (darn), climbed to get a better look all around.

A porcupine that we saw on the drive out. We also saw caribou, moose, ptarmigan, and the mountain.

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Brooke said...

I can't wait to come up there this fall and see you guys! It looks so beautiful there now.