Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Big Weekend

Here are some pics of our new tramp we got this weekend. It's not new, except to us. We bought from someone on Craig's List. I have been looking for one forever for the girls and so when this one finally came up here in Fairbanks we took it. The girls love it and want to jump all the time. I think it's great. We still have to get the safety net for it and then it will be set. I have wanted one for when Ali is out of school and for when the babies come so they will have something to play on. We have a great yard but nothing for them to play with so this will be wonderful in getting them outside plus some excercise. We're hoping to get a sandbox built before the babies and hopefully that will be enough for the mean time to entertain them while I could be a little busy! So anyone that wants to come and jump and play we would love the visit!

Below is a picture of Ali as a jaguar for her school play she did this past week. I tried to put a video of her singing her song for the play but I guess with our slow dial up it wouldn't do it. This was the only picture that came out good. She had her last day of kindergarten on Monday and is now offically on summer vacation. I can't believe she is done with school and will be moving on to first grade and all day school. I hope I'm not going to be too occupied with the twins this summer so that I can still play and have time to be with my sweet girls.


Kathy said...

I love having a trampoline to get the girls out of the house and energy out so they will still nap! I feel your pregnancy pain Lora!! Hang in there it is all worth it, you don't want those boys in the hospital for too long (if at all when they are born). It's hard to leave them there.
I'm glad I found your blog!!

angela said...

Aaargh--I want a trampoline!!! one day soon. But for now, enjoy it for us =)