Sunday, April 26, 2009

Girls and Belly

So here is month seven of the belly. I'm bigger then I ever got with Ali and Saige. I feel huge and am very uncomfortable. A guy at church today said, "it's good to see that the church is growing!" Thanks a lot. I'm trying to remember the big (literally) picture and not get too frustrated. It will be nice when I can actually move and sleep without being in pain. Hopefully only a month longer!

The girls and their Easter egg hunt and dresses that Grandma May gave them for Saige's birthday!

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Lizi Bates said...

Oh Lora it makes me uncomfortable just looking at you! I hope the boys come soon and are healthy!! I can't believe how old your girls are getting, they're so cute too! I wish I lived closer to you so I could help out...maybe move your legs for you for "exercise" Keep up the positive attitude, you're amazing!!