Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Blossoms

Here are some pictures of some of the flowers we grew this Spring and Summer. Everything we grew and planted this year we started as seeds in the house this Spring. By the end of May our living room looked like a little jungle and when we finally moved all the plants outside our windows looked so bare. But this flower is a Dahlia and has a beautiful blossom but it doesn't stick around very long. We are still so knew at all this and are still trying to learn what grows good and doesn't grow good in Alaska. This is our garden a few weeks ago, it's a lot bigger now. We have to put a fence up to keep the moose out. Thankfully no visitations yet! We harvested our first broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, and zucchini this week. Hooray for fresh veggies!
This is the most amazing thing in our garden. This March at mush for kids the girls were given a sunflower seed in a paper cup. They bought them home and started watering them. One of them did nothing but the other started to grow and just kept growing. The fence is about six feet high and as of today the flower is about two feet higher then that board and the actual sunflower is starting to grow. It's so amazaing to me that something this big can start from a little seed. It will be fun to see if we actually get some sunflower seeds from it.

Some of the flowers, tomatos, and herbs we have growing on our deck

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angela said...

Holy cow you are super woman. I was impressed to see you planting stuff at the end of that pregnancy. And I can't keep anything alive--even in my non busy non baby stats....sigh