Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fisher Girl

Here is Ali all geared up in her dip netting attire. It was really cute she was standing out in the water behind Jeff and of course could not get out there far enough to really catch a fish. Well a guy standing next to Jeff caught a small pink in his net and instead of throwing it back in when Ali wasn't looking threw the fish into her net. When she started feeling her net move you should have seen her eyes. Most of the people out in the water fishing didn't see the guy throw the fish in her net and they all started cheering for her because they thought she had really caught the fish. She was so proud! That was the only fish she caught tho because the fishing was really slow and she didn't have the patience to stand out there very long. We fished for three days and came home with about 30 red salmon. We were hoping for a little more but are very thankful for the fish we caught. I realized I didn't get a picture of any of the reds we caught. I guess my arms were always full of babies. All geared up!
Dad showing me what to do!

The grand prize!

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