Sunday, August 2, 2009

The stars alined

A few weeks ago we took the whole fam and went on a beautiful hike in the white mountains. It was our first real hike with the boys and even tho we only went about three miles it was wonderful to get out. I have been worried about how Saige would do hiking this summer because last summer she always wanted to be carried. So ever since we found out I was pregnant we have been drilling it into her that once the babies come it's Saige out and the babies in. Still I wasn't sure how she would do because she is not our real go getter like Ali is. Thankfully she has surprised us completely. She has done wonderful on our hikes and doesn't complain at all. Infact most of the time she is out in front and sometimes does better than Ali. We are both so relieved and happy she has turned into a good little hiker. She can not be called a May! But anyway on this hike it was such a great day and Jeff says it was a day when the stars all alined just perfectly for us because the girls did great hiking, the boys were great, and even the dog minded!

Canyon above and Hayden below sporting their too big sun hats. It's hard to find sun hats for such little heads.

Saiger hiking on the boardwalk with her little camelback! She's so dang cute!

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