Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Boy's List

Just some up to date pics of the boys while they are being cute. To remind me of the times they are so much fun instead of the times I want to duct tape them to the wall!Trying on sister's hat. Canyon left, Hayden right

Canyon had no hair for the longest time and then it seemed like overnight it all came in and CURLY. He could get the best fro's going until Jeff decided to cut it!

Wearing Dad's crocs. We love wearing everyone's shoes when we are not throwing everyone's shoes out of the box and coat room, usually into my kitchen. We spend hours every day trying to find where the boy's put all our shoes!

The funniest, smartest, cutest, mischievous, kid around, Canyon

The cutest, sweetest, athletic, temper throwing kid around, Hayden

Everyone tells me I need to journal everything these boys do each day, all the trouble they get into to, but it's beginning to be so common place that I forget it's nothing out of the ordinary. So I am going to try and write a FEW of the highlights that have happened lately. Remembering these are only a few of the ones I can remember, there are 100's that happen each week and day!

-Dumping the syrup bottle all over them, the table, the floor, and then Canyon thinking it would be fun to dump it on his head

-Throwing the entire box of 500 count q-tips down the stairs

-Hayden stopping and starting the dishwasher over and over again until it floods my kitchen floor, while I am trying to clean up the q-tips

-Dumping two flats of my flowers and tomatoes and throwing the dirt all over the living room downstairs

-Deleafing and dedirting all my plants

-Thinking it's fun when I put them down for a nap to climb under their toddler beds and push up through the bars with their feet to knock their mattresses off and them pushing the beds up and turning them upside down.

-Pulling the drawers out of the dresser to climb on top to get the container of Vaseline and proceed to smear all over self, wall, and of course eat it. Latter resulting in call to poison control but lady said no worries!

-Hayden kicking Jeff in the shin for getting mad at him

-Standing in kitchen drawers to reach stuff on counter

-Eating hand fulls of moose poop

-Dropping large amounts of rocks for days down our fuel tank pipe before we realized what they were doing and put a lock on it. Praying it will not block or clog our fuel this winter, aagghh!

-During meal times Hayden will always throw his food on the floor if I don't stand there and watch him every second and Canyon always dumps his bowl on his head.

-Pulling out all the petunias in my flower barrel that I have been growing most of the winter and throwing them into the bushes

-Canyon climbing under the bench at church during sacrament meeting and heading for the back door and while I am trying to catch him and bring him back Hayden escapes and takes off to the front where Jeff is sitting.

-Elderly lady at church, "I know it's hard for you but it's so fun for us to watch you and those boys!" I'll take comfort in knowing I can atleast me entertainment!

-Hayden today at church, before I could stop him, in the middle of the big meeting thought it would be fun to throw all of his matchbox cars he was playing with everywhere. Now Hayden is our very athletic one and so these cars were flying across the aisles, over benches behind us and in front of us. I looked up from getting something for Canyon to see everyone in a ten foot radius around us covering their heads and ducking for cover.

This is all I can think of for the moment that has happened recently. I will probably add to it as I remember or as the week progresses. This of course is just the troublesome list, they do have some very sweet, kind, fun moments that I will try and list as well sometime. They just usually get over shadowed by this much longer mischievous list.


Lizi Bates said...

Oh. My. Goodness!! Hahaha how do you stay sane? Your boys don't mess around...they go for big and dirty messes don't they! I wish we lived closer so we could add to the chaos :) Good luck! Miss ya.

Angela said...

I am laughing so hard. You probably deserve it all. And no one has a better sense of humor to be able to live through such trouble makers. I love it.

Karen said...

Unbelievable! Whenever I think Viola is being bad I'll just read your list again! Wish I could give those two trouble makers a kiss!