Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthdays, Birthdays, and more Birthdays

The first day of being 6 is great!

Her fishing pole from dad

Saiger's birthday cake

So April is a big month for our family with my birthday on the 1st, Saiger's on the 11th, and Jeff's on the 21st, plus you throw in Easter and a trip down to Anchorage to go to the temple, and my first fun run on the year and that about wrapped up April for us. So my birthday, I don't like to mention very much, I am officially in the mid thirties which just feels so old, so we'll move on to happier topics. Like our sweet Saiger, who turned a much happier age of 6! For her birthday she wanted a skateboard. Not sure where that came from but we were having a hard time thinking of what to get her so we said why not. Then I was soooo hoping to for go a birthday party this year and thought we could do something fun as a family. I made the mistake though of giving her an option and said would you like to do all these fun things as a family or have a party, and she said she just wanted some of her friends to come over and play. So thankfully I have some wonderful friends who agreed to come on a very short notice and Saiger got her party! We love you Saige!

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