Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Very Special Day

Probably the biggest highlight of our time outside was the opportunity for Ali to be baptized with so many of our family present. It was a very special day for Ali and for our family. We are so proud of Ali and the choices she has made in her life so far and for her desire to try and be the best example and person she can be. In our church children can be baptized when they turn eight years old. The age our Heavenly Father feels children are old enough to begin to understand right and wrong and can begin to be accountable for their choices. Our church also encourages them to decide for themselves if it is something they should do by praying and asking their Heavenly Father. Ali came back and after praying for several days told us she felt good inside when she prayed about being baptized and felt it was what her Heavenly Father wanted her to do. We are so thankful to have this very special girl in our family .

Our beautiful Ali in her baptism dress before getting baptized.

Ali and her dad, right before the actual baptism and program. It was so special to wait and do it with our family present. She had her uncles give prayers, her Grandma Fleming gave the talk on baptism, her dad performed the baptism, Aunt Kristy sang a beautiful musical number, Grandma May gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, and all of her uncles and grandpas and great grandpa stood in the circle when she was confirmed. It was a wonderful day for our family that was possible because a very sweet eight year old has such a strong desire to do what's right and follow her Savior's example.

A family picture after the baptism.


Valorie said...

Lora, I love your beautiful family! I want to apologize for not getting to see you. It's been crazy here and I'm about burnt out. But I love, love your picts and catching up with you and Ang through blogs. Tell Ali congrats on the baptism and horseride. Those are big events, and very specials ones to have. I wish you the best in everything. Thanks for keeping your blog updated.

angela said...

What a beautiful girl! It kind of caught me off guard actually seeing a baptism picture of her! Where in the world has the time gone?! I want to see you guys so bad. And I feel a little jipped that we kept missing each other on my birthday week, so I may just have to call you before your bday comes....