Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Handsome Little Devils

Here are some pictures of our sweet little boys. Hayden is in the white, on the left, and Canyon is in the blue, on the right. They are about two and a half weeks in these pictures. It's crazy to think that on the 4th they will be a month old already. We are loving having them in our family and feel so blessed that they are healthy and doing well.


Chuck said...

I've been waiting for some new pics! They are beautiful babies! They look so alert and content. Can't wait to meet them!

Karen, Chuck, Riley and Viola!

Mike, Katie and Annali said...

They are so cute. I can't believe how dark Canyon is. Where does he he get that dark skin. They are bothe adorable.

Cortney said...

Oh how adorable! Ari was sitting on my lap when I opened up your blog and he started smiling so big looking at the pictures of the babies. Congrats and we can't wait to meet the little guys!