Saturday, July 30, 2011

River Rats

In June we took the boys on their first rafting trip down the upper section of the Nenana River. We went with our friends from Fairbanks, the Shill's, who have this huge cataraft so we were all able to go on that. The boys were not a fan of their life jackets and screamed for the about the first 20 minutes until Hayden finally passed out in Jeff's lap and Canyon decided to deal with it. After that we had a great trip with beautiful weather and scenery and friends. During the float, at one point, Canyon started saying moose, moose and we all thought, oh how cute he thinks there's a moose, and then Ali said, no there is a moose, and sure enough up river was a mama moose and a calf standing on the bank. Jeff was so proud, his little hunter can spot the game first even at 2!

Ali passed out on the raft

Doesn't get much better than this

Canyon's favorite spot to sit was on the dry bag in front of dad

Saige and Canyon

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Karen said...

Wow, look at those boys! 2 already! We are heading out on our first river trip with the girls. 3 days on the Colorado River- a nice mellow stretch that heads into Utah near the Canyonlands.Wish us luck! :)