Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boy Oh Boys

Here is a pirate cake I made for my friend's little boy Reid, for his birthday. It was fun to FINALLY make a boy cake and to get practiced up. These two little munch mouths below will be 2 in June!
Our sweet little Hayden, trouble minimal, who is always smiling and always keeping us in the hospital. In again this past weekend with RSV and his asthma, doing fine now tho!

Then there's Canyon. Our forever trouble maker, goof ball, comedian, sweetness minimal, and the funniest little boy with more personality then you will ever meet!

My two little munch mouths always want to eat when you don't want to feed them and then never want to eat when you do. One thing is for sure though, they love their fruits! The other odd thing is that despite them eating ALL the time they are still sooooo little. Hayden only weighs 19 pounds and Canyon 21. All the other kids their age, including the girls, tower over them and look twice as big. Hopefully it's just a twin thing and they'll get their growth spurt. They sure don't let their size get in the way though, they have no problem taking out, takeling, or fighting any one bigger then they are, including their sisters. It's a crack up to watch, most of the time!

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