Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is what we have had to resort to in order to save the few remaining dishes we have left in our house that have not been thrown off and shattered by unimaginably fast little hands and climbers. The rule in our house now is you CANNOT leave the table unless every one of the dishes is cleared and you have tipped over your chair. If you forget to tip your chair over, you clean up the mess that will 100% of the time follow (example...just last night we lost another cup and an almost full bottle of jam, dad had to clean up)!
All garbages are now on the table and below is the last remaining plant that I have not removed or taken downstairs. Notice the four poor remaining leaves left. I guess this plant will symbolize my dying attempts to try and keep something nice left in the house. Once the last leaf falls I will force myself to just accept my fate and quite trying for the time being.

So this is a small sampling of the makeover my home has been through the last couple of months since the boys have learned to walk, run, and climb. These changes do not show however, the constant disasters that are taking place. The most fun recently has been Hayden, who has found pure joy in first going to the toy box and throwing every toy, with great force, out of it. When he gets that completely cleared he usually starts laughing, thoroughly pleased with himself. He will then continue to the drawers of the two dressers we have in the living room and throw every book and game out of them. Next, he moves on to the kitchen and proceeds to throw all of the dish rags and cloths out of their drawer and all of the pans from under the stove. He will accomplish all of this in about a ten minutes time, usually while I am trying to make dinner or help the girls with their homework and am just too tired to try and stop him (for the 20th time that day). We've also had to remove the little kids chairs we had in the dinning room because they can now scoot those to where ever they want, usually the kitchen counters, and grab and throw anything they can get their hands on. My once nicely furnished house is depleting very quickly. Despite the insaneness of it all the boys are so much fun and a complete joy to have around (especially when sleeping)!

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angela said...

This just made my day, Lora. I am still laughing. I love it. I had the garbage all up high for the longest time, but the chair idea is great. And way to go, Jeff. Dads are always the first to blow the rules, huh.