Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Girls Work and Hike Out

Two weeks ago my friend Dana invited me to come down to Cantwell with her and fly out to Seoul Lake to paint a friends cabin with her and spend the rest of the day hiking. It wasn't the best weather, we never seem to get great weather, but we didn't care. It was wonderful to be in that beautiful area and to have a whole day with no crying, interuptions, or diaper changing. We flew out first thing in the morning and after about three and a half hours we finished painting the cabin and outhouse. The only reason why it took us that long is because we listened to Dana's husband Lance who told us we wouldn't need a roller. Women, just follow your own instincts, we could have been done in an hour! Even with that the painting was still enjoyable because we were able to work, again with no interuptions, and have three hours of fun girl talk. Then after the work was the play and we went on a great hike up two canyons by the cabin. It was a very refreshing, wonderful day with by great friend! I can't wait for MANY more!

Flying in Ray's plane out to the cabin

Ray taking off from Seoul Lake

The fruits of our hard work, and beautifully brown painted cabin and outhouse

A hiking we will go, and go, and go

Thanks Dana for inviting me along, I love our adventures, you're the best!

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