Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boys and Girls

Here are some more pics of the boys. I'm sure you get sick of seeing pictures of them but they are at such a fun age right now, except Hayden being a big-time mamma's boys. Canyon is getting very close to walking and Hayden just stands on his tippy toes and leans further and further as you try and get him to move. Anyways, just some recent pics of the boys at 1o months.
Canyon left, Hayden right (like a stranger put it, the one with the hair and the flashy eyes)

So you won't believe this picture! It's not just a picture of our cute girls in matching outfits, but with the help of a very patient friend I actually sewed Ali's outfit. Yep, for those who know me and would never believe it, I honestly and truly sewed. Of course my wonderful friend Tammy had to show me every step of the way what to do, but I did it. And what I like best about this picture is you can't get close enough to see all my mistakes and crooked lines. So, yearly sewing project done, check! Thanks Tammy!

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angela said...

10 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where in the world did that time go?! They are so adorable. I love them. Come live by us...