Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kids and more Kids

Saiger wanted me to do a bunch of braids in her hair one day for school. This is what came of it!

The boys working on tummy time. They are happy for about the first five seconds so I have to be quick with the camera. They are getting so cute and so much fun. It's fun to watch their little personalities develop. Canyon is on the left and Hayden the right.

Hayden on left Canyon on right. We're still having to do physical therapy for Canyon's neck and it is improving slowly but it still has the definate bend. Jeff says he'll just probably walk in circles the rest of his life, that's all!

Cute pics of our Canyon, both top and bottom. Finally capturing some of his cute, funny smile. When he smiles he opens his mouth as wide as it will go. Still no hair!

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Cortney said...

It was so great seeing you guys in Anchorage! We love seeing all the pics of your kiddos! Hope to see you again soon.