Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More 4th Fun

During the 4th of July we went to Nenana where for the 4th they close down their main street and have a bunch of races for kids. Ali and Saige love to go to it because every time you race you get a quarter and if you win you get a dollar. Both Ali and Saige each won a race and when it was all over Ali had almost nine dollars and Saige had about four. They think it's great because then we let then go to the store and buy something with the money they won. Below is a picture of the girls with two of their friends that came with us to enjoy the fun. Jeff even got to do a race for the adults. You should have seen those skinny legs a move!

At the end of the races they have a big pile of sawdust that they fill with money and all the kids race to it and start digging. Ali's in red on the bottom left. It's crazy but the kids don't seem to mind, it's money!

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