Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saiger and Swearing

We finally were able to catch Saiger on camera. She is more shy then Ali who will perform infront of anyone. Saiger performs just as well as you can see but prefers to do it in private with no one, or only mom and dad, watching. Also below are pictures of the glorious day when Jeff was offically sworn in as an attorney and had to take the law practice oath. The judge he is clerking for was able to perform the swearing in so that was neat to have someone we know do it. He can now offically practice law and I am offically over with everything that law school has to offer!!!

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angela said...

oh yeah! I am so glad you have a blog!!! But I was really hoping to hear a story about Saige actually swearing or something. . . both of the singing videos are awesome! Not just the singing, but Ali (and Saige too actually) have some seriously good dance moves. That is so not like any of my kids. Hmmmm.